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"Before working with Ron, I was having a very hard time training my husky puppy, Faolan. He is very sweet but very high energy. He seemed to pick and choose when he wanted to listen and was not easy to walk as he constantly ran in circles and pulled. However, even after the second session working with Ron, I saw huge improvements in Faolan's behavior and he seemed to enjoy our walks more with the added commands and training. I had heard from a number of people that huskies could not be off-leased trained but Ron quickly proved that to be untrue. But his training did not just help with walks. Faolan has been much better behaved around the house and happier as well. Ron has so much knowledge and experience training dogs that his guidance was worth every penny. And after much research, Ron is one of the only trainers I found that offers affordable one-on-one training sessions rather than in a group. I would highly recommend Ron's services to anyone considering dog training. He is the best!" 
................. When I called Ron to work with our GSD Luta I was primarily concerned with aggression toward other dogs. Luta had been to four obedience classes and did reasonably well with basic commands. But nothing I tried was effective for her dog aggression. During the time I worked with Ron I came to realize that he was teaching me how to very effectively use five basic commands to refocus Luta's attention away from other dogs and back to me: come, sit, down, heel, and stay. Working with Ron has made an amazing difference. We worked on those five commands under a wide variety of situations, gradually working ourselves closer and closer to other dogs. By our last session together Luta was calm while other dogs passed by. Luta is more relaxed, attentive, and confident. And she is having more fun when we go to open spaces to do field work. Runs like the wind and returns as soon as I call her. On walks she has a look at other dogs then returns her attention to me and we continue on. Before starting with Ron my wife and I were hesitant about using a correction collar. But after I tried it on my own neck I realized it was not painful, only attention getting (like scuffing my feet on the carpet then touching metal). After six weeks of working with Luta under Ron's guidance it is now rare that I use any correction at all - most everything is positive reward with treats, pats on the head, and scratches under her chin. The correction is there if needed, but rarely used. But the results are only part of the story. As I got to know Ron I was struck with his affection and respect for dogs, and his strong sense of finding the best in dogs in a positive way, using corrections only when necessary to reach an end goal. This has been a wonderful experience. I cannot say enough about Ron as a person and as a professional. Contact me any time if you want to talk about our experience. Bill Braun billbraun050@gmail.com


Dear Ron,
I want to thank you for the invaluable training and guidance you have given Molly and me over the past five weeks.  She now knows all her commands and can now heel and is off-leash thanks to your professional training. You had such intuitiveness and patience with her.  The IQ Remote Trainer is a great learning tool which enhanced and aided in the training process.   I would surely recommend your training to lots of dog owners .  Molly and I are grateful for all that we've learned from you and will continue to reinforce the Rapid Result Training every day.
Sincerely, Kathleen M. Sekanina

Hi Ron,

This is Nicole Calhoun, you trained us and our German Shepherd/Boxer mix Samson. I am SO sorry it has taken me a year to send this, but we were able to take Samson to the beach today, freak out free, leash free, with no worries, and it is all thanks to you! Before you helped us we were afraid to take Samson anywhere, and now he is running around in a public park with no leash (which is allowed when the dog is in the water)!! Thank you so much for helping us and Samson have a happier life together!! Nicole Calhoun

Totally recommend Rapid Results Dog training and Ron Dorazio to train you and your beloved pet!! We had positive results with our 7month lab after the first week. Give him a call and check out his website at clevelanddogtraining.com. You will not be disappointed!
Arlene Strauss

I just wanted to let you know things are still going well!  You're help continues to make our life with our dogs even better and we continue to enjoy them more and more.  Hope things are going well for you!  You can use any of these comments on your website.  You could also give our names to someone looking for a reference as well!  Thanks again!



Hi Ron,
Max, the doodle, is now just over four years old and is such a wonderful pet.  Thanks mostly to you and your training.  If you remember, we were at our wits end and almost ready to give up when we found you and you helped us become a happy family.  Max has added so much joy to our lives and the lives of almost everyone who knows him.
Thanks, Trish Blackman

Hi Ron

Subject: Jake the Jack Russell

I keep forgetting to write to you to tell you all the success Jake has had.  He is truly a changed dog.  "Come" is now a word he listens to immediately. No matter where he is in the yard he comes running.  He loves his new found freedom and has enjoyed much success in catching chipmunks and catching fish.  Even if he's REALLY into something he still comes the first time you call.  He will run out to greet a new comer than sniffs them then runs right back to the house.  I am truly thankful for all your great tips in handling him and teaching me that you have to be firm  "ALL THE TIME".  That was my hardest lesson.   As far as Jake in 4H: he does so well off lead that he moved up a level in agility and just passed his CGC test, again.
Thanks, Kathleen Harrison of Mantua, Ohio

Hi Ron.

Thank you for all you've done for Murray & us. Your training has improved the quality of all our lives. All the best to you, Charlie, & the rotti (Sadie?).

Meg, Josh & Murray

PS: Please feel free to use us as a reference

Email: megcarroll09@gmail.com

Hi Ron,

Don't know it you remember us or not.......we have Blitz, a Shiba Inu that you helped us train almost 4 years ago (winter/spring 2007). Just wanted to give you a status update....Blitz is doing great! We walk him off leash all the time, even very near busy streets (which was always my concern). He is a little "collar-wise", but when we have him on walks (with the collar on, of course), he obeys extremely well. I can't tell you the number of times people have commented on how well he is behaved.....and I've passed you name on multiple times.

I also believe that the training has saved his life on several occasions...If you remember, I have several small kids, and more than once they have left either the house door or the gate open.....and Blitz got out. However, although we never explicitly trained him to stay in the yard, he knew that he was supposed to be around there......and when discovered, he immediately obeyed and came to me.

Both times this happened he didn't have the collar on, but he obeyed anyway. For a Shiba, that is astounding!I had another Shiba many years ago and if the door was open he would dash.....and he was very hard to catch. It was a miracle he was never run over by a car......but that's not the case with Blitz because of his training.

I'm including a couple of pictures of Blitz (he looks a lot like "Pikachu", the Shiba on your website). The money we paid was well worth it.

Great job, once again!

Richard P

Hi Ron,

I am extremely pleased and satisfied with the training. Tucker has really grasped all the commands: Off, Sit, Heel, Stay, and even Down. You have done a great job of teaching me and I feel I am ready to go forward on my own. I am happy with the level of training that we have recieved, and believe that all that is left is a lot of practice between Tucker and me. This was the best investment I have ever made. And I will benefit from it for years to com, and will enjoy my new best friend for the next 12-15 years.

Thanks again,



I've been meaning to write you to say thanks for training Bart and me. The change is unbelieveable. Even though we've had Bart for 4 years, it feels like we have a new dog. Not only is he obeying commands off leash, his overall behavior has improved dramatically.

We just enjoyed a weekend camping trip (Bart's second trip since his training last spring). Bart was off leash the entire weekend and he was well behaved and obedient. He was free to run around on a 92 acre farm with three big ponds. He splashed and "hunted" in the water (the Dogtra collar is definitely waterproof!) and had a blast. He sat with us while we relaxed and followed us around while we fished and hiked. He was respectful and gentle with the four boys and three adults that shared the cabin. Best of all, he sat calmly and behaved while we cooked and ate.

I recommend you to every dog owner I talk to and I would be happy to share Bart's success story with anyone looking for a fast, effective, reliable, affordable, and humane training method for their dog.

Best Regards,

Jay Ranallo

PS: If you are reading this and you are desperate and think there is no hope for your dog, send me an email with your phone number at jarallo9@sbcglobal.net. I will contact you and tell you Bart's amazing story.


To those who are considering Ron's training services, Rapid Results Dog Training: And if after reading the myriad of testimonials you haven't been convinced yet -- let us tell you -- don't delay! You will be so much happier and so will your pet!

We adopted our bulldog-pug mix when he was 3 months old expecting a laid back family dog. He was cute, sweet, and funny. As he grew older, we realized that he was also smart and mischievous and definitely bull headed, Training was very difficult and time was limited (we also had a 3 month old son and daughter).

Originally, we had paid another company to help us train Cesar (Bark Busters). They were very expensive and their methods DID NOT WORK on Cesar. He had an agenda all his own and listening wasn't one of them. Cesar was starting to thrive on attention derived from bad behaviors. It was beginning to be a no win situation. I couldn't catch him in the act of behaving appropriately to reward him. I actually contemplated whether Cesar could be trained and whether we were going to need to find him another home. I was frustrated and upset. I had never given up on one of my pets before.

My husband found Ron's website and read his testimonials and recommended we try Ron. I was apprehensive regarding the ecollar training. I was skeptical until I saw Ron working with his dog Charlie. Its just something you have to witness. Ron provides TRAINING. He comes in and provides an assessment of your training behaviors and the dogs behaviors. He instructs you on the proper use of the ecollar (its an assist). He told us that within six weeks Cesar would be walking off leash. Internally I scoffed at the idea.. No Joke! I think Cesar was off leash within 3-4 weeks......and all of this training was performed in the middle of winter!

Cesar is the BEST dog now. We always knew he had it in him.....we just couldn't get past or break his bad behaviors. The training did not break his spirit, his sweetness, or his goofiness. It just let Cesar know his bad habits weren't allowable.

An example of his stellar behavior: Cesar is now 2 1/2. The other afternoon my son tripped and fell on Cesar. The dog, being so well trained.....didn't even flinch! Cesar got a ton of treats, love and rubs for his excellent temperament that afternoon!

Much of the time Cesar is around the house without his ecollar annd he obeys the straight verbal commands. We still use the ecollar when we take him for walks which he really looks forward to and enjoys (but for Cesar's safety as he obeys all verbal commands without fail).

Thanks Ron & Charlie for helping us!


Angela, Patrick, Alex, Grace and Cesar Wojtylak


Hi Ron, I just wanted to thank you again for everything that you taught Natalie, Abby, Oscar, Milo, and myself over the summer. I try not to think back to the days when they were absolutely crazy and I basically got plowed over when I walked in the door. Our son was born on September 15th and the dogs have done so well with him thanks to you. We have also been able to find a national wildlife refuge that I can take the dogs off leash and everyone is amazed that the dogs come back to me consistently when called. I've even taught my husband all that I have learned so that he is able to take them as well. Thanks again for all that you have taught us and let us accomplish!


Susan Wolf

To say we were desperate is an understatement.

We had just brought home Snickers, a rescue dog, and that very first 
night he attacked our other dog. Our son tried to pull the two dogs 
apart and got bit!!! Over the next few weeks, we had to keep the two 
dogs separated at all times, and it began to feel like we were 
prisoners in our own home. Snickers was proving much more that we 
were capable of handling on our own. I began to look for some help. 
After one false start with a different trainer, I found Ron's number 
in the yellow pages and called. During that brief phone conversation, 
Ron  offered sensible advice — and reassurance.

A few days later, Ron came to our house and  showed us how well 
behaved his own dog – Charlie – is. It was great to watch but I must 
admit I was skeptical. We had had so much trouble with Snickers — 
aggression toward our other dog, tearing things up, and so on — I had 
a hard time believing that we could ever get Snickers under control. 
I definitely did NOT believe that we could have him walk with us "off 
leash in six weeks or less" as Ron's web site proclaimed.

But we offer this testimony: we indeed are walking with Snickers OFF 
LEASH in just four sessions!! (Rapid Results is certainly a fitting 
name for his dog training techniques!) Through our training sessions, 
Ron has offered a wealth of knowledge about dog behavior/s with a 
highly professional style, laid back but firm — always with the best 
interests of the dog at its core.  I highly recommend Ron to anyone 
who is in need of a trainer.

So here's a heartfelt thanks for working with us and Snickers. We can 
now have our two dogs together . . . AND, best of all,  we have our 
life back!

Christine Van Huysse


  Ron did everything he said he would do plus more, such as training me too.  My dog Anne, responded immediately to Ron, he used no harsh voice, showed no frustration and patience with me.

 My whole neighborhood is super impressed with Anne’s new behavior on our walks.  I take her everywhere now and this is what I get to hear all the time “wow what a well behaved dog”, “how did you do that”, oh what a sweet dog”.  If you long to hear those words and truly want to enjoy your dog, don’t procrastinate, don’t think about it, go to your phone or computer now and contact Ron.   Ron and his dog Charlie are something special. 

When I find a wonderful service at a great  price I like to share, so feel free to contact me. 

Terry Daniloff

Hi Ron,
I was just at the vet and saw your ad in a cleveland magazine and it reminded me
that I've been meaning to email you.  Thanks for your call sometime back.  I know
we were going to do 1 or possibly 2 more session, but we just seemed to get
busy and time slipped away from us.  I did want to let you know that Champ is
still doing great (I think you'd be proud).  In fact, we just got back from a 45 min.
walk and she didn't have her leash on at all!  We are so happy with how things have
turned out and just wanted to thank you!
Hope you are well,
Have a good day
Cheryl DiPofi

To anyone considering Rapid Results Dog Training:

    I have a Springer Spaniel named Oliver that is four years old. I got him when he was four months old. He was housebroken in two weeks, never surfed a countertop, and has always been a loveable,loyal companion. Oliver's problem was that he was extremely timid. When I had company over Oliver would hide under the dining room table and shake. No coxing could get him out. Walking him was a nightmare. He would see a leaf blowing down the street and bolt for home. Most fearful dogs become aggressive  as their defense...Not Oliver. He was just afraid of his own shadow. My Vet told me that I had to accept that he was shy just as if he were a timid child. A breeder told me that Oliver's shyness was genetic. Many opinions...No solutions. I then came across Rapid Results web site. I read all the testimonials and great success stories.....No stories about a shy dog turned social. I thought about it for some time and then called Ron for an evaluation. He explained to me what I could expect from him, but I still could not grasp the concept that having a dog Sit..Heal...Come..could help a timid dog like Oliver become less fearful. I put myself in the slow learner category....I just lacked confidence in what I was doing. Ron was patient and Oliver thrived. He now comes home from the park covered in mud..thistles hanging from his long ears! Just like a Springer should look! Sure is better than hiding under the dining room table. He walks totally off the lease and now chases leaves down the street. The more confident he gets the less fearful he is. I continue to expose him to new surroundings, and people are seeing what a wonderful dog Oliver really is! I will forever be grateful to Ron and Charlie for their incredible work. It was worth every cent!!!

Sue Bates and Oliver

Daisy continues to do great. She does everything you promised she would do with the training. I only wish I had back the money and time I spent on dog classes. My neighbors have noticed how well-behaved Daisy is and how quickly she progressed once we started working with you. We enjoy our off-leash walks in the local parks and early morning walks in the neighborhood. She will soon begin her work as a therapy dog.
Thanks again,
Al Slawson

Hi, Ron!

On behalf of Poe's "grandma" thank you for all your help with Poe's training. Rachel and I are both very satisfied with all of your help with his training and very pleased with his accomplishments!  If anyone would have told me a few months ago that he would be splashing in a creek and off his lead, I would never have believed it.  He has come a long way.  We very much enjoyed the time spent with you and Charlie and I think you may have even converted a 'control freak' like me!  Believe it or not, I even learned a lot by listening to your helpful suggestions and  watching you work with Poe.  Many thanks and best of luck to you and Charlie and Sadie!  Your work and results speak for themselves, but if you ever need a reference, please feel free to use my name.


Kathy McBride

I adopted Sadie from a rescue shelter as a pup.   With the
best of intentions,  Sadie was loved,loved and loved some more by
my daughter and myself.  Unfortunately loving her and not teaching
her who was the "pack leader"  only left me unhappy with her
behavior and chasing her outside if she "snuck out" when the door was

Ron and Charlie were a Godsend! Sadie went from unruly to ruled without losing any of her loving charm
lovable personality. She is an off-leash dog who loves to be obedient! She knows what is expected of her
and is happy that way. Needless to say, so am I!

I moved from a house and neighborhood where Ron and Charlie came to train her and into a condo complex
that has several dogs that see each other often! Sadie is the best dog in the complex and is always
off-leash! (If I do say so myself) people are constantly complimenting me on how well behaved she is,
how obedient, etc. She is at my side wherever I go.

I am so grateful to Ron (and of course Charlie) for their help!

I recommend you to everyone I know who compliments Sadie!

Thanks again!

Tanya Sirl
Hi Ron, 
We want to express our gratitude for all of your help and time
spent with us and Archie. He is like a different dog!!...I mean
that in a good way! =)  I never imagined that he would listen as
well as he does, and that we'd enjoy walking him and taking him to the
park as much as we do now. The training has made our
relationship with Archie so much more enjoyable...not only for Matt and
I, but for Archie too! He's always been a happy and
playful dog, but the thing he enjoys most, is now being able to
walk/run without a leash. And it's so great to watch him and allow him
to do that, without worrying that he'll run away or won't come
when he's called. We are also able to look forward to having people
over to our home now (which we never though would happen!), knowing
that Archie will behave and listen to us.
Thank you for helping us, and Archie, make the most of our relationship.
We appreciate all that you've done!
Take care,
Matt and Erica 

Ron –

I just wanted to thank you for all of your help with Jenny. She was a year
and a half when we rescued her, but acted like a new puppy. She would 
constantly steal things and run all over the house. I’ve realized that 
she’ll always have that energy but she listens so much better now. I can’t 
thank you enough for training her. It has made our lives so much easier! She 
still sits facing the opposite direction when we’re on walks (I’m sure you 
remember that!) but I’m working on it. I’ve given your number to a lot of 
people and I will continue to do so. Charlie is a perfect example of what 
you can do. Good luck in the future and I’m sure you will be hearing from 
some of our friends.

Katie Green

Thank you so much for helping us with our dog Fletcher.  A couple times I was going to give Fletcher back to the Animal Shelter where we got him.  Fletcher is a beautiful sheperd/lab mix whom we fell in love with, but that love was fading fast.  Our neighbors have cats and dogs and Fletcher would not stay in the yard.  He would be off visiting the neighbors pets and would not come when we called him.  Our family life became stressful, always chasing the dog and trying to get him to listen to us. This is not how I envisioned having a dog.

I wanted a dog that stayed in the yard and played with my kids. 
After, calling you and seeing you with Charlie, I knew you could help us.  Fletcher is now the best dog.  He is able to walk off leash around our block with many distractions going on. Our neighbors have noticed a big difference in Fletcher. They will be in their yards with their pets and he stays in our yard. He comes on command, sits, heals, stays and listens.
My husband and I were sitting on the patio the other night when I realized the kids had been playing in the yard sometime with Fletcher.  Instead of having to chase after him we just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed our summer evening.  Thanks for helping us and Fletcher.

Your the best.
Noreen Cuglewski


An Open Letter To Anyone Considering Rapid Response Dog Training:

I adopted an Australian Cattle Dog mix in January 2004. I had never owned a dog from the puppy stage before and hoped that training a dog from the start would give me a better, more predictable companion. I chose my pup (after love at first sight left and common sense returned) based on the fact that the two other dogs of this breed I had come in contact with were smart, loyal and appeared to be good with their owners. However, despite all of my efforts, our lives were turned upside down by an animal that was consistently outsmarting us. Gabi would bite our hands and nip at our feet when she wanted attention. She would eat any kind of paper or fabric she could get her teeth into. We tried everything imaginable-cans with pennies, spray bottles, dog obedience training, reading books, growling back…you get the idea. I was concerned not so much for us, because I believed the biting was playful rather than malicious, but for others who might come into our home, especially children.

In a chance meeting with someone, I mentioned the difficulties I was having with Gabi. This person told me that she had hired Ron and that he and Charlie had worked wonders for her dog, Lola. In desperation, I looked up the website she had referred me to and the rest is history.
Ron came out and did an assessment of my dog, followed by a demonstration with Charlie. It was obvious by the way Charlie looked at Ron that the retriever truly loved and wanted to please his owner. Ron assured me that my dog could indeed be worked with and was a ‘good’ dog.

After our first real session with the e-collar I was able to immediately control or eliminate approximately 90% of Gabi’s negative behaviors. This was such a motivator that practicing with Gabi for 15-20 minutes a day was a joy. Each day she got better and better. Within two weeks (remember Gabi is very smart!) she was consistently coming when called, heeling off leash, sitting, laying down, obeying the "no" command and able to play freely with us in the yard. Being able to play Frisbee or ball with her in my unfenced, large corner lot became one of the best benefits of the program.

Her biting was drastically reduced and at this time, 4-6 weeks later, while she still needs reinforcement in this area, is under control. (Biting is a strong urge in this breed according to sources.) She is a now a calmer, even more lovable and totally loyal dog.
I cannot thank Ron enough for giving me the kind of pet I was hoping for and returning normalcy to our home. While the financial investment in the program was a concern to me at first, I now realize that I could have spent far more that this in sequential dog obedience courses, which would not have given me the same result. I now look at the sessions as a bargain. I was also concerned about the use of an e-collar, but friends, who are dog lovers, reassured me that using the e-collar was preferable to having to give up a dog I loved because I couldn’t control her.

I was afforded a rare opportunity to receive private instruction at my home. Ron is professional, patient, has expertise in this area and possesses a gift for being able to work with the individual to improve his/her skill. He is truly an educator not only of dogs, but also of humans.
Marcy J., Proud owner of Gabi.









(216) 662-1143

I just wanted to say Thanks to Ron and the training he provides.I adopted a Collie mix only to find out he was very aggressive and did not obey anything I said. Well after only 5 lessons he sits, comes, heels and stays on command. People can come into my home again ( before he would have to be put in a room with the door closed)  because he is just a NEW dog. I had tried EVERYTHING and this dog was so mean the next option was to have him put down. Then I found Ron and through his program Wizard is becoming the wonderful loving obedient dog he should be. I am so impressed with the results, I am going to start my other dog on the program as well.
Thanks Ron.
Beth and Wizard.
Beth Price
Account Executive
Cleveland Free Times
800 W, St. Clair
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
216-479-2033 x 243

To whom, it may concern,

and I are the owners’ of Sadie, an 8 month old French Mastiff (Like in
the movie “Turner & Hooch”).  Sadie has always been a laid
back type of dog and with that personality she tended do things when
she was ready to do them and not necessarily when we wanted them
done.  She knew what all the commands were; “sit, down, come”, but
only would obey them if she was in the mood to do so.

came to our home and ran through his program, which included a
demonstration with “Charlie”, we knew then that we had to give the
program a try.  While we initially had reservations about the
e-collar, we saw through demonstration that it is a safe and effective
means for correcting unwanted behavior. 

Sadie is now the official neighborhood mascot.  She is out, without a leash,
everyday visiting all the neighbors she can get to. She comes, sits,
lies down, heals, and stays, all on command.  We can’t say enough
about Ron, his training, and his knowledge concerning dogs. He seems to
understand the dogs personality, what causes them to behave the way
they do, and what makes them tick.

Theresa and I would highly recommend the training and welcome any calls to answer questions or concerns.

Bill & Theresa Fitzgerald

Northfield, Ohio


I have two problem dogs. One is a lab-weimaraner mix that came from Lab-Rescue, and had been abused and neglected as a puppy. Moose was unpredictable and had a fear-based aggression problem. The other is a lab-greyhound mix that was over-protective and aggressive. It was, also, virtually impossible to walk Peach, because she pulled so hard on the leash that she dragged me down the street.
I was about to give up on both dogs, when I ran across Ron’s ad at a local pet supply store. I decided I didn’t have anything to lose, so I asked him for a free evaluation. He brought his dog along, and demonstrated how Charlie obeys commands flawlessly. He is obviously a well-adjusted, happy dog, and is eager to please his owner. Ron explained that the stimulation collar is a humane and effective method for getting quick results.
When Moose wears the collar, he is a much more tranquil dog. It has, actually, allowed his playful personality to emerge. I still have work to do with Peach, but she has come a long way and obeys my commands fairly well. It is so nice to take both dogs to the park and to be able to walk along with them at heel. The training has made it a pleasure to be out with them.
Although I think the price of the collar and lessons is reasonable, if it causes hesitation on your part, think about how little it is in terms of having a well-behaved, enjoyable pet.
Mari Wallace


  Thanks for stopping by and helping me with the distractions of other animals Pikachu had on Monday.  After you left last night we went for a walk stopped by the fence with the Shepherd's and of course they came barreling/running towards us, Pikachu was great I told her no and kept walking and she stayed by my side; it was awesome.  Like I said last night I think I am more afraid the dogs than she is she just wanted to go play.  Again, I had someone stop me on the street and asked about how I got Pikachu to walk with me the way she was and of course I told them to check out your website and e-mail or give you a call.  I also had a neighbor who I don't know had been watching/looking for me and Pikachu for the past week.  She couldn't  believe how well behaved sh! e was and she had seen me over the years walking Pikachu and the struggles I had.  

"Thanks for everything. It was the best investment I have made for her.  I definitely am spreading the word."    

Thank You.

Peggy Jo & Pikachu Workman

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